WE DO OUR BEST not to be sad. We had seven wonderful years as a local newspaper, a nationally disrtibuted magazine, a tabloid-sized journal. Blood, sweat and the other thing from home offices in two locations: a beautiful mountain north of Los Angeles (Pine, by name) and Sherman Oaks, also in California. Our intent was to inspire; we think we did.

But after a time, we had to call it. Health, debt, honoring our lenders. The demise of CC is probably only catching up to us now [2001]. Certain unexplained tears, a reflexive look to the calendar, itchy typing fingers. We would call our publication baby when we sent it to the printer or looked for its return. "Is Baby back?" One of us would ask.

When we printed the newspaper on a funky press in Taft, California and would make the trip through (yes) snow, one of us wanted to strap the pasteup into a child's car seat. You might think that one of us might need to get his prescription refilled; but what, we ask, does it take to embark on this kind of journey? A little madness, much passion. We are not ashamed. Call it arrogance, but we think we will remain on the web as an archive. Call it hubris, but we might even add more pieces to the site. Maybe we'll do the whole seven years. Enjoy. We're glad you're here. It's still our baby.

Catherine Roberts Leach & Britt Leach


1. March 1995 Diary Of A Moving Experience; Hazel Henderson On Shaping The UN For The 21st Century

2. April 1995 Money: Frugal And Loving; It Animal Connections: Greyhounds Raced To Death

3. May 1995 A Question Of Decency: If The Economy?s Up Why Do We Feel Down?

4. June 1995 The Case For The ACLU: Defending Liberty In Bad Times; Better Dying

5. July 1995 Paradise's Other Side: Small Town Living (continued in August & September); Rainforest Pharmaceuticals To The Rescue

6. August 1995 Alternative Digs: Affordable & Innovative Housing; Braunstein & Bragg On Fasting

7. September 1995 Helen Nearing On The Good Life (A CC interview); Vegetarian!: How And Why To Wean from Cow; Guest Room: Our Militia And The Media

8. October 1995 Animals: Extending Our Circle Of Compassion; The Raw Deal: Big Business Burns America Ruralize Your Dreams: Do You Have What It Takes?

9. November/December 1995 Caring For Women: Beyond The Abortion Soundbite; Re-Creating The Small Town; Pulp Fact: Closing The Paper Loop

10. January/February 1996 Manners Reconsidered; Noam Chomsky On Poverty, Prison, Tyranny; City And Country: The Chaos That Is Our Heart

11. March/April 1996 Voluntary Simplicity: Life In Balance; Alexander Cockburn On Child Abuse & The Therapeutic State; Premarin®: Prescription For Cruelty; Pat Robertson's Jesus as Seen On 'Geraldo'

12. JULY/AUGUST 1996 It's Time For A Maximum Wage; Howard Lyman On Organic Farming; Howard Zinn: A Personal Perspective; The Right Move The Second Time Around

13. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1996 Getting Radical:Politics For The People; Union Town U.S.A: New Wind Blowing; Andrea's Story: Violence In A University's Shadow

14. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1996 OK, Less Is More: Now Can We Please Have Some Fun?; Country Careers: Green Businesses & Co-Op America

15. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1997 Peter Singer On Ethics In An Age Of Self-Interest; A Decent Living On A Small Farm; Murray Bookchin On Revolution & Designer Beliefs

16. MARCH/APRIL 1997 Confronting Classism In The Progressive Movement; Shareholder Capitalism: Mutual Funds, 401K & The Worker?s Paradox; (Excerpt) Landscapes Of The Interior: Re-Exploration Of Nature & The Human Spirit

17. MAY/JUNE 1997 Back To The City: Looking For A Decent Life; Get Out Anyway: We The People: Exercising Our Power Over Corporations; PLUS, SPECIAL 8-PAGE SUPPLEMENT ANIMAL & VEGETABLE Tom Regan, Henry Spira, Merritt Clifton, Features, Opinion, Reviews, Animal Rights, Vegan Recipes

18. JULY/AUGUST 1997 A Challenge To New Agers: Getting Beyond Self-Help & Into Other-Help; Noam Chomsky On The Common Good

19. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 1997 Beyond Feel-Good Consumerism:Solving Eco-Crisis Requires Political Commitment; Richard Levins On Building An Equitable Society; Michael Moore: Review & Excerpt of "Downsize This!"

20. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1997 Fighting The Global Warming Blues; Noam Chomsky On Big News You Haven't Read; A Youth Manifesto: Taking Responsibility For Justice

21. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1998 Chris DeRose: Impressions of A Hero; Prosperity's Obligation: Expanding The Circle Of Opportunity; Faking Democracy: The Scam Of Town Hall Meetings

22. MARCH/APRIL 1998 The Dreaded "M" Word; Yuppie No More: A City Girl's Communal Search for the Good Life; Richard Levins On Market Values & Radical Politics; The Good War: An Old Soldier No Longer Believes

23. MAY/JUNE 1998 Honoring Our Obligation to American Indians: A Profile of Walking Shield; Life Out of Death: The Gift Of Organ Donation; Hope For The Union Label—Historical Perspective

24. JULY/AUGUST 1998 Persuaded By L.A.: Finding Meaning In The Belly of the Beast; Monsters Among; UsTele-Vision Quest

25. NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 1998 Cease Fire: Veterans For Peace; The Offal Truth: Animal Waste and the Environment; Book Review: Mad Cowboy

26. JANUARY/FEBRUARY 1999 Beyond Eco-Fascism; Activism? Sure, Why Not? Culturally Sensitive Cruelty (Final Issue)