The issue-to-issue heart of country CONNECTIONS was found in the work of its columnists. These biographical notes were accurate in 1999, when we published our final issue.


SAMANTHA CLARK (Surface Tension) lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a freelance writer, mental health worker and active in the Institute For Progressive Global Thinking.

JULIE COBB (The Path) is an award-winning actress and director. She lives in Los Angeles.

DR. J. JOHN JOHANN FAUX (Ask Dr. Faux) lives in an ancient Airstream trailer with his cats, Muffins and Tom-Tom. He once had a lucrative practice in Beverly Hills until his flaky clients tired of his belief in the palliative power of rational thinking and left him for Marianne Williamson and Deepak Chopra (Deep the Chop).

RICHARD FULLERTON (Jest Arful) is an actor/writer/fine-finish carpenter. He lives in North Carolina with wife, Susan, and son, Colin.

BRITT LEACH (On My Road) now lives in Sherman Oaks, California with his wife Catherine Roberts Leach and his cats and is an editor and publisher of country CONNECTONS.

TRAVIS CHARBENEAU (Fin de Millennium) is long active with The World Future Society. He is a writer and commentator living in Richmond, Virginia whose work has appeared in ESQUIRE, THE UTNE READER, THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR and other publications.